Friday, July 9, 2010

Cloth Diaper Reviews: Happy Heiny’s

Yet another new diaper I have tried is the Happy Heiny’s one size diaper with snap closure.


I’d heard a lot of folks say they love this diaper. From what I saw prior to buying one, it looked very comparable to most popular pocket diapers except that it is available in THE cutest prints (and lots of them!) which are quite tempting. There is just something so fun about slapping a cute print on baby’s bum. I quite enjoy it!


  • Lots of really cute prints!
  • It is a little roomier than some diapers I’ve tried. Fits both boys, but particularly Will- as he’s getting bigger. It’s nice to have a diaper with a generous enough fit to be easy to get onto Will. This diaper has a nice high rise and stretchy elastic.
  • Nice roomy pocket in the diaper which makes stuffing such a breeze! No frustration there!
  • A very fluffy and absorbent insert- good quality!
  • Snap closure (and this is a double-edged sword as you’ll hear later)- no toddler can get this diaper off and the snaps offer more durability in the long run. I also like that they don’t stick to anything else in the laundry cycles!
  • Overall good quality as far as I can tell.


  • Not an extremely great price. A little more expensive than my favorite bumGenius brand. It’s not outrageous, but not so wonderful in my mind that it justifies even that slightly higher price.
  • Snap closure! It takes me quite a bit more effort and a little frustration at times getting all the snaps lined up and snapped during diaper changes. This is no problem at all when changing Will who is very cooperative and patient and sweet during changes. It IS a problem, however, when changing Ephraim who can really put up a squirmy struggle and make life quite difficult during changes.

In the end I do think I prefer the snap closure to velcro for their durability factor and can manage to put up with the squirmy impatience of Ephraim. It has just been frustrating at times. There are more snaps on the HH diaper than other snap diapers that I have so it definitely takes a bit longer. This diaper is great for double or triple-stuffing for overnights or a long trip and holds up beautifully. No leaks! It fits well and looks super cute and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. It’s definitely a great addition to our diaper stash!

Conclusion: Would I buy more?

Well, that’s a hard question. The unique prints are tempting, but overall I found this diaper to be so similar to other pockets that there was nothing overly-special that would make me really want to buy more. If they were a super special price point or had some fancy feature that made them different, I’d be more tempted. It’s a GOOD diaper and I definitely like it. I just won’t be plopping down the money for more when there are other diapers that are a little cheaper that I like just as well. Now if this next baby is a girl- I may have to splurge on ONE super-cute girly print (but I may also have the self-control to not do that… maybe). So I guess I’m kind of neutral on the “would I buy more?” I would not mind having more as there is not much that I don’t like, but I probably won’t be buying more.


IMG_7805 IMG_7807 My sleepy boy climbing into his bed for a nap. Aww!

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