Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cloth Diaper Reviews: Envibum

A few months back I saw a review for Envibum diapers and they looked so amazing I was instantly sorry they weren’t available when I first got all my diapers.

Well recently I bought two of them just to try them out and see if it would even be worth it to get anymore for the new baby. Here is my review of them after just a few weeks of use.

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  • CUTE!
  • Very high quality
  • Great company. Small, family-owned, they support good causes.
  • Super soft inside AND out! Comfiest diaper I’ve ever put on any of my babies. They seem to love it!
  • Very absorbent.
  • One-size with no adjustments necessary. Just so stretchy that it fits most babies!
  • Fit both Ephraim and Will beautifully and I love not needing to adjust any elastic or snap-downs! And they truly fit better than most diapers I’ve tried and seem very comfortable for the boys.


  • Very expensive
  • Take way way WAY too long to dry.
  • The inserts are not great. They bunch up and get all out of shape after one wash and do not recover well.
  • Claims to be an all-in-one, but for me isn’t really.
  • When not changed right on time it does tend to wick out to the outer fabric, but they last plenty long enough. Sometimes I just put off diaper changes too long. ;)
  • These diapers claim that you should leave the inserts in all the time. They advertise the inserts are “for the phase, not the day.” So for your heavy wetter, you include two inserts and just leave them in through wash/dry cycles. In theory, this sounded great to me! The problem is that I don’t think they EVER would have dried had I not finally given up and pulled out the inserts. I even went so far as to turn the diaper inside-out so it would finally get all the way dry. It was frustrating! And I found the inserts all wadded up/out-of-shape and they never really got very flat again.

Apparently you can use these diapers without the inserts, but with my boys at their ages, it wouldn’t last more than an hour without added absorbency. So it wouldn’t really work for me as an all-in-one.

CONCLUSION: Would I buy more?
I have enjoyed using them and will continue to do so, but I would not buy any more of these diapers. The bunchy inserts and drying issues are not worth it to me. And it’s too bad because I love the company, the extremely high standards of quality, and the plushiness of these diapers. They are so soft that even the girls love it when the boys are wearing them and comment on how soft the diapers are! So cute!

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