Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cloth Diaper Reviews: Smartipants

One of the other new diapers I have tried recently is Smartipants. I'd had my eye on them for a while having seen some decent reviews and I was impressed by the low price!

So I ordered their 3-pack which (to me) is a tremendously good deal! I wasn't sure what to expect between the decent reviews and the low price.


When they came I was surprised that the diaper wasn't exactly as I expected. Instead of a pocket in the diaper in which to put the insert, it has a sock-like sleeve stitched in that is open on both sides of the diaper. The sleeve fits the insert snuggly enough that it doesn't fall out or shift while in use. "Interesting!" I thought.

Without further ado, I'll just dive right into the pros/cons.


  • Low price!
  • Snap-closures
  • Fits well
  • Trim fit. Trim under clothes.
  • No leaks if changed appropriately.
  • Insert agitates out in the wash cycle. No need to remove it before tossing dirty diaper into the pail. SO NICE!


  • Only has room for one insert. No doubling up on this diaper!
  • The insert felt a little lumpy after the first wash, but I shook it a couple of times and that smoothed it out perfectly. It feels as if there are some loose layers within the insert that may adjust during washing. Not a huge issue, but could be bothersome if it gets any worse.

Overall I am VERY pleased with this diaper! Especially considering the price! Despite only having room for using one insert (I almost always use two in all of my pocket diapers), this diaper is surprisingly absorbent while fitting nice and trimly. I absolutely LOVE that when changing the diaper I don’t have to do anything before tossing it into the pail (well, you know- providing it’s just a wet diaper). Since it is a snap diaper there are no laundry tabs to mess with and the insert just comes out on its own in the wash! It’s more like an all-in-one than most all-in-ones that I have in that respect! It washes up quite well and still looks just as good as new after several washes. It dries quickly and easily also. The only downside I’ve found so far is that I cannot use this diaper for overnight use since I can’t stuff any extra absorbency to take it those added overnight hours. But for daytime use, it is fantastic!

CONCLUSION: Would I buy more?

Absolutely I would buy more of these diapers! I will point out that I have not tried out this diaper on a smaller baby. (Give me a few months!) So I don’t know how it works (or doesn’t work) on a smaller baby. I have also only used these diapers for a relatively short amount of time so I have no idea of how they hold up under years or even just months of heavy usage. But if they continue to work as they do now and hold up well over time, I will definitely be highly recommending these diapers! So far I really like them!

IMG_7787 IMG_7810

IMG_7801 IMG_7799

I found a fantastic video review of these diapers that allows you a much closer look and according to this review you CAN double stuff it! I’m gonna have to try that! Exciting!
Go here to see it:

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