Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some New-ish Cloth Diapering Thoughts

I haven’t posted about this in a while and I keep gaining more experience so I figured it was about time!

I recently tried the new Fuzzi Bunz. Some people LOVE these diapers. I expected to myself, but I really don’t.

The way these function as one-sized diapers is by adjustable elastic. There are three pieces of adjustable elastic. One in each leg opening and one at the waist. In theory, this is BRILLIANT. Because not only does it allow for perfectly sized diapers, it also allows for very easily replaceable elastic which is the main part that I’ve ever had wear out in my bumGenius diapers! When I first saw these diapers I thought they were miraculous because that is simply brilliant!

The problem is that they have sooo many little holes in the elastic to allow for that amazingly customized fit that it is easy to make a mess of the diaper. (At least it is for me!) There is too much customization for me. Add to the mix that I have two very different-sized boys and you have a recipe for disaster. Keeping straight how to size the diapers for each boy plus the elastic getting all skewed in the process (and ended up bunching up and not staying in where it is supposed to) just frustrated me to no end. And I’m not quite organized enough to keep some sized for boy A and some sized for boy B so they are always confused. I wash and keep all my diapers together so remembering which ones are for which kid is too much. The other problem is that despite all this amazing customized fitting, it didn’t fit either of my boys very well! There was bulk where I didn’t think there should be and on top of that? They don’t last as long between changes as my other diapers and I’ve had them leak. This really surprised me (and I don’t think it is the norm).

I LOVE the idea of them though and I also love the snaps. Snaps don’t wear as quickly as velcro and also keep curious toddlers from getting the diaper off as easily. The next diaper I MUST try is another bumGenius diaper that is new-er. They are also one-sized (in the simple way to which I am accustomed) AND they have snaps! HOORAY! I have a feeling that these would be perfect for us. Someday I will buy myself one or two of them just as a treat to see what I think! I’ll let you know when that happens.

So my bumGenius one-sized diapers are still doing the best job for me so far and since I’ve learned how to replace worn-out elastic, I’ve been able to greatly extend their life! The diapers in which the elastic has worn out and I’ve replaced it, they’ve been like new again!

I have still been so happy with cloth diapering. I love that my kids room NEVER smells anymore. I remember walking in and being hit in the face by diaper smells back when I used disposables and used a Diaper Genie. Diaper Genies were supposed to be so wonderful at keeping diapers from smelling but once my babies started on solids it didn’t do much for the odor anymore! I used to spray the Diaper Genie down with Lysol and spray the room with Febreeze and air fresheners just to make it NOT embarrassing when company came over. I really wasn’t expecting to have no odor problems once we started cloth diapering, but that is how it has ended up! I have zero complaints about odors! The pail contains it all and their room never smells at all. I use a few squirts of Bac-out spray in the pail every now and then and even the pail (when open) isn’t unbearable! I don’t have to dowse my kids room in Lysol and Febreeze anymore- which is great considering that stuff isn’t really good for them!

Other things I love about cloth diapering… cloth wipes! Oh man cloth wipes are WONDERFUL! I have mostly baby wash cloths and a few “real” cloth wipes (as in, they are originally made and intended for such purpose). I actually haven’t thought the “real” ones were any better than my baby wash cloths that I got CHEAP-O at Walmart. I’ve been very happy with baby wash cloths and I use few drops of tea tree oil and a couple squirts of Dr. Bronners baby-mild soap to make an awesome wipes solution that really cleans my babies’ bottoms and makes them really fresh and clean! It works a million times better than any disposable wipes I’ve ever used. And it’s so much easier than juggling a pile of disposable wipes to throw away and a cloth diaper to put in the pail. With cloth wipes I just tuck all the wipes inside the diaper and then it all goes into the pail together! No juggling or anything to throw away! I’ll also occasionally grab one and wipe down the changing table and it leaves a very clean, fresh scent and does a great job in general. I haven’t bought disposable wipes in a couple years now!

A few months back, I bought some Charlie’s Soap which is supposed to be wonderful for cloth diapers and laundry in general. It also seemed quite economical as one little bag of it lasts an extremely long time! I was sold. We started using it and our clothes and diapers were coming out very nice and clean and I was a very satisfied customer. Then suddenly Will got a nasty rash. For a while we couldn’t figure it out. Finally the only thing I had left to try was to switch detergents. Well now that we’ve quit using the Charlie’s Soap, the rash is going away! This is so strange because this soap is one that I would never expect to cause a rash! But then I read that there have been a few strange reactions to the soap. No one knows why, but when it does cause a rash, it causes a horrible rash! I have felt so bad for poor Will and his little rashy bottom and I am so glad it is going away now. It sure took me long enough to figure it out. No more Charlie’s Soap for us! Now don’t take this as a bad review for Charlie’s Soap. Ephraim had no reaction to it and I believe this reaction from Will to be quite rare as there have been just a few other reports of such a rash in conjunction with Charlie’s Soap. I actually highly recommend it and wish I could use it myself!

I have yet to have a pail liner that I love. I usually double (or triple!) line my pail in order to keep as much wetness off of the pail itself. None of my liners have proven to be completely waterproof and that is frustrating. Granted, I haven’t tried a lot (nor can I afford it) so for now, I’m OK with continuing to double or triple my liners and then sometimes clean out the pail between uses. I’ve used the Bummis Diaper Totes and also made my own pail liner out of PUL, but it still wicks to the outside and I can’t put the bag on any surfaces without also getting them wet. (EW!) I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to get better pail liners…

I still never have to toilet-dunk or swish! That was always my hang-up with cloth before I started using it and I’m still so happy that there is none of that! My liners usually come through for me and anything that doesn’t “shake” out comes out easy in the wash!

I’m so excited that more and more friends are also using cloth so I’m no longer alone in my explorations, discoveries, and cloth love! I have lots of people who can relate to my cloth obsession and that is just fun! When I started I really didn’t know very many others who used cloth, but now I can think of at least 10 right off the top of my head! YAY! :D


Unknown said...

Bum Genius are my favorite cloth diapers too, and I have been through several kinds to try out the different systems. They are by far the easiest to use, and I don't think I have ever had a leak with one, even over night. Anyway, I have two of these pail liners http://www.kellyscloset.com/Planet-Wise-Diaper-Pail-Liner_p_3437.html and I haven't ever had the moisture wick to the outside, and they seem like a pretty good price too. I wash and dry them every few days too, the only problem i have is remembering to turn them inside out so that the inside gets washed. I sometimes end up with soap bubbles still inside the bag, because of course since it is waterproof the water doesn't go through to rinse out all the soap.

Joy Lynne

The Budget Mommy: said...

Man do I wish those snap diapers were cheaper! I want, I want!

roadrunner201 said...

I love the BG, too. We did the Kisaluvs size 0 for the newborn time, but the BG are my favorite. My BFF uses Shinies, which look really cool and operate like BG, but the aplix closure looks a lot nicer and they zip instead of snap. I wish I had known of them before I paid out that money on the BG.

Elizabeth said...

The way we organize the fuzzibunz over here is by color coding. Little Rach gets the girly colors & big sis gets the blue/green/yellow colors.

I think one key to the wicking moisture is getting enough air circulation. I know you like to use your pail, but maybe you could try keeping your bag out of the pail a few days & see if it wicks as badly.

One thing on the elastic on these new fb is that they have #'s on the elastic so it's way easier to adjust & match on the other side. I dont' know if yours have that.

those new bg's look cool. I LOVE snaps.

Rebecca said...

There are no numbers on my FB diapers' elastic. Between the frustration with the elastic and the ill-fit and the leaking... I'm pretty much done with FBs. Plus, the elastic for me has curled up and won't stay in the little pockets where they are supposed to. So they are frequently sticking out of the diaper. It's not affecting the function, it's just annoying.

Even when we've kept our wet bags out they've gotten whatever it touching them wet. Be it the wall (we hung it up before), or a box (we put it on a little cardboard box once), or the floor. The wall ended up with a wet spot on it, the cardboard box soaked up moisture and then stunk, the floor got wet etc.

I really do prefer a pail though so I'm looking (eventually) to find a wet bag that won't get the pail wet and I know they exist. I don't think the air circulation should affect it that much since there are plenty of people who use pails and don't have that problem. (Or so I've heard.)

The BGs will hopefully be the next diaper I try. It won't be soon, but they are on the top of my list for whenever I get the chance! I love snaps too.

Rebecca said...

Oh- and I don't like having specific diapers for each kid because part of the beauty of one-sized is that you can use whatever is available for whichever kid. I only have two FBs anyway (I think... maybe 3), but I like to use any of them for any kid as needed. I've still been using them when I get to them in the stash and for the most part they work (despite the fit) as long as I don't use them at night.