Friday, November 23, 2007

Baby Projects

I've been washing the newborn-sized diapers so that they'll be ready for use and we also got the beds (both the baby bed and our bed) ready.

Here are pictures.

You saw the nursery already, but here is where 'baby boy brother' will actually be sleeping. This is also where Claire slept for her first year.

Steven just set it up today and I got it all made up and ready for baby.
It is an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper and we loved how it worked for Claire. It is secured to the bed for safety and is perfect for keeping the baby very close and also kept either of us from having to get in and out of bed every 2 hours for night feedings during that first year.


Beth said...

I LOVE the co-sleeper, and see how that would be a tremendous help! Colin's room is right across the hall, thankfully, but I still would love to just have him right there for nursing during the night.

Rebecca said...

Thanks! We loved it with Claire so we're hoping it works as well with baby boy brother.

Elizabeth said...

How does it compare to a regular pac n play (like the ones that have a bassinet height option)? The one time I have had to sleep right next to Kate wasn't very encouraging. She is quite loud as she roots around for her sweet spot. I suppose that I just wasn't used to it, and could probably grow so, but that night I hardly slept a wink! The co-sleeper looks quite cozy, and I had no idea they attached to the bed! Is it difficult for YOU to get in and out of the bed?

By the way, I like your bed! Very nice. Josh and I are still using a hand me down that isn't quite my style. That's one of the things on our LIST. :-)

Rebecca said...

It is essentially the same as a regular pac n play, Liz! The only difference is that the one side goes down where it attaches to the bed and it has a big strap that goes under the mattress to secure the co-sleeper to the bed.

But it also functions as a pac n play when it's not a co-sleeper so it is very similar.

I'm a zillion months pregnant and getting in/out of bed last night wasn't any worse than normal if that answers anything. lol

Kelley said...

I have to second the benefits of the cosleeper. Greta sleeps in hers each night and it is so convenient. We have a white noise machine in our room and I think that helps all of us sleep better since we're not disturbed by all those little noises.

Kelley said...

Oh speaking of funny noises, when I get Greta out of her bed during the night for feedings she snorts until she gets latched on. Some nights it's more difficult to get her latched on than others since she's doing it almost in her sleep and she'll snort up a storm - so much that she wakes up Graham. If I wasn't so tired it'd be hilarious.

Rebecca said...

Oh a white noise machine is such a great idea, Kelley! We've always noticed how much better the girls go to sleep and stay asleep when there is something going in the room with them like a fan or a heater etc. With a baby it makes even more sense. I even have a white noise MP3 on my computer just for use with our babies that I've come out here in the middle of the night with a fussy baby to use. lol Why didn't I think of this before?

I agree the little baby snorts/noises are so precious and hilarious at times- even when we're exhausted. hehe I miss those noises since it hasn't even been *that* long since Claire transitioned out of our room.